Uniform Rules for N.Y.S. Trial Courts

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Please Note That Rules as they appear on The N.Y.. Trial Court Uniform Rules web site is prohibited. The official version of the Rules published  in the NYCRR is available on Westlaw and other electronic services

Part & Title:

Part  200 – Uniform Rules for Courts Exercising Criminal Jurisdiction – Rule Appicable in All Courts

Part 201 – [Reserved]

Part 202 – Uniform Civil Rules for the Supreme Court and County Court

Part 203 – [Reserved]

Part 204 –  [Reserved]

Part 205 – Uniform Rules for the Family Court

 Part 206 –  Uniform Rules for the Court of Claims

 Part 207 – Uniform Rules of the Surrogate’s Court

Part 208 – Uniform Rules for the New York City Civil Court

Part 209 – [Reserved]

Part 210 – Uniform Civil Rules for the City Courts Outside of NYC

Part 211 – [Reserved]

Part 212 – Uniform Civil Rules for the District Courts

Part 213 –  [Reserved]

 Part 214 – Uniform Civil Rules for the Justice Courts

Part 215 –  Use of Recycled Paper

Part 216 – Sealing of Court Records in Civil Actions in the Trial Courts

Part 217 – Access To Court Interpreter Services for Persons With Limited English Proficiency

 Part 218 – Uniform Rules for the Trial Courts in Capital Cases

Part 219 – [Reserved]

Part 220 Uniform Rules for Jury Selection and Deliberation

Part 221 Uniform Rules for the Conduct of Depositions